Our Staff

Joyful Motherhood currently employs four full-time nurses, seven per diem nurses, a part-time secretary and a part-time accountant.  It is impossible to overstate the dedication of our nurses.   Nurses build relationships with their clients, regularly give from their own pockets to families in crisis, and routinely spend hours in all weather searching for the home of a sick mom or vulnerable infant.  We have finally ordered a vehicle to help transport nurses to and from remote sites, but up to date nurses have been making their way to the homes of clients via public buses, bicycle taxis, and on foot.  Joyful Motherhood nurses consistently give much more of themselves than we could ever request.

Beatrice Namaleu

Beatrice Namaleu

Beatrice Namaleu (Baby Care Program Manager and Acting Director). Beatrice is the heart of Chimwemwe mu’bereki. She is a Malawian nurse with over 30 years experience in maternal and child health.  Beatrice has been with Joyful Motherhood from day one and both the survival and growth of the organization is in great part due to her efforts – walking miles and miles in the villages, spending hours educating mothers and communities, recruiting and training program nurses, repeatedly educating hospital staff to ensure that babies do not slip through the cracks, networking to spread the word about our work.  Beatrice is the original shining star in our small but growing galaxy.  Beatrice is a mother of six girls (including a set of twins).  She is also a grandmother of three.

Mrs Esnart Maseko is the program manager for our Mother Care program.  She has been a nurse for 36 years and joined our team in 2009. During her 36 years in nursing she worked in almost every specialty area, but spent a significant portion of those years in community health nursing.  In her words, “I am proud of my work with mothers and babies because my utlimate goal is to reduce the high mortality rate of high risk postpartum mothers so that the number of orphans should also decrease.”  Esnart is a mother of six.

Mrs Nitta Chakanika is an incredibly dedicated nurse in our Baby Care Program.  She has 10 years of nursing experience.  Her past experience includes work in family planning, working with Action Against Hunger, and work in the public sector with HIV patients.  About her current work, Nitta says “I have a passion for working with infant orphans and low birth weight babies.  I also enjoy working in the community setting and doing the health education.  Joyful Motherhood  has given me a lovely broad experience.”  Nitta is the mother of three beautiful girls.