Our Work

Chimwemwe mu’bereki (Joyful Motherhood)* is the Malawian sister organization of African Mothers Health Initiative (AMHI). Founded by Joanne Jorissen Chiwaula and Beatrice Namaleu to carry out the work in Malawi, Chimwemwe mu’bereki is registered with the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi and underwent a financial audit in 2011.

Joyful Motherhood provides home based nursing care to vulnerable moms and babies in Lilongwe, District, Malawi

We have two programs: Baby Care and Mother Care

The success of our programs directly reflects of the quality of nursing care we provide to the women and babies in our care.  In order to ensure that the fragile babies we enroll on their second or third day of life survive beyond their first birthday, Joyful Motherhood needs excellent nurses who are passionate about our mission.   Since the majority of the work occurs in communities where little or no English is spoken, and where an understanding of the cultural context is key, Joyful Motherhood hires only Malawian nurses.  While we need great Malawian nurses, we do not want to hire nurses away from government posts.  Malawi is experiencing a chronic and extreme shortage of nurses (the World Health Organization estimates that almost half of nursing posts in Malawi are currently vacant).  We recognize that by hiring nurses out of the public sector we are mitigating one problem while exacerbating another, so in order to avoid this, Joyful Motherhood only hires full-time nurses who have previously retired from government service and offers per diem positions to nurses who are currently full-time government employees.

* AMHI currently provides assistance to CU in the form of management, program development, and financial support. AMHI reserves the right to cease support of CU for any reason, including a determination by AMHI’s Board of Directors that support of CU is inconsistent with AMHI’s charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Based on CU’s stated purposes and track record, AMHI believes that its support of CU is, and will remain, consistent with AMHI’s tax exempt purposes.