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  • Memory
    Memory was born by c-section, she was small but healthy. After the surgery, her mother had severe anemia, she receive a single unit of blood but her body struggled to recover from the stress of the delivery. Her condition deteriorated and within a few weeks she died. Memory is now being raised by her grandmother […]
  • Enes Foster
    This is Enes and her baby Vincent.  In October 2018 Enes started laboring for the fifth time. She already had five little ones at home (including a set of twins) and all her previous pregnancies and deliveries had gone well, but her labor with Vincent was different.  With four previous births, Vincent’s birth should have […]
  • Nkanzo & Pemphero
    Six month old twins Nkanzo and Pemphero are healthy beneficiaries of Joyful Motherhood.  Years before their birth, their Malawian parents moved across the border to Mozambique in search of a better life.  They settled there and had five children together. These twins were their sixth and seventh children.  Their land provided what they need to […]
  • Ana Andrew
    When her daughter married and moved to a village some distance from her own, Ana Andrew’s grandmother said goodbye with a mixture of joy and sorrow.  Neither owned a phone and so time passed without any communication.  After almost a year someone from her son-in-law’s family came to tell Ana’s grandmother that her daughter had […]
  • Brightwell Kalulu
    Brightwell was born just across the border in Mozambique.  His mother died silently at home moments after his birth.  Understanding the fragility of the life in their hands, her relatives brought Brightwell to the closest hospital that very day.  The hospital happened to be a small community hospital in Malawi, where on admission he weighed […]
  • Takonda
    Takonda is pictured here with Nitta’s (one of our nurses). Takonda’s mother bled to death just after delivering her, leaving Takonda and two other young children motherless.  Takonda and her two year old brother now live with their maternal aunt.  Currently, Takonda is thriving in her aunt’s care with the support from our nurses, and […]
  • Chisomo
    Chisomo weighed less than 5lbs at birth and his mother died just moments after his first cry.  His low birth weight and his status as an orphan meant that from day one, Chisomo was much more likely to die in early childhood than his peers.  Thankfully, his grandmother was directed to Joyful Motherhood and has […]
  • Faith Kapanga
    Faith Kapanga was born on 21st Oct 2016.  She was a healthy baby.  She was her mother’s first child.  When she was just one week old, her mother who was only 20 years old herself, died from a severe postpartum infection. In Malawi even babies born in excellent health face a high probability of dying […]
  • Kangaroo Twins
    We see a lot of premature babies, and many of them are multiples, like twins or even triplets. One set of twins, born prematurely at home in December were a boy and a girl weighing only 2 and a half pounds each. Mom took the babies immediately to Bwaila Hospital where the staff referred them […]
  • Little Lew
    A full term birth, Little Lewis was born in the District Hospital on New Year’s Day. However, mom was diagnosed shortly after with peritonitis, an abdominal infection and was found positive for malaria. Despite being transferred to the ICU for care, her condition deteriorated, and sadly, she passed away two weeks later. Lewis was referred […]