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Our Programmes

Joyful Motherhood currently runs two programmes: a Baby Care Programme and a Mother Care Programme. Our approach is client individualized: we look at each case individually and work on building relationships with the goal not only of ensuring survival but of developing healthy family environments.

Furthermore, we always strive for community involvement; the community is key to helping its most vulnerable members survive and thrive. As such, a community assessment will be conducted to ascertain who the decision-makers are and what resources are available (including services offered by other non-governmental or community-based organizations). An emergency plan will be developed with the decision-makers and community leaders. Community members are also offered health education talks.

Since the majority of the work occurs in communities where little or no English is spoken, and where an understanding of the cultural context is key, Joyful Motherhood hires only Malawian nurses who have previously retired from government service (so as not to further contribute to the severe shortage of nurses and midwifes in Malawi) and offers per diem positions to nurses who are currently full-time government employees. Joyful Motherhood currently employs four full-time and one part-time nurse.