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Who We Are

Joyful Motherhood (registered as Chimwemwe mu’bereki Association) is a Malawian non-governmental organization, which provides home-based postnatal nursing care to high-risk women and babies. The current geographic focusĀ is Lilongwe District (Lilongwe being the capital of Malawi).

The organization was founded in 2007 by Joanne Jorissen Chiwaula, an American nurse-midwife, who came to Malawi in 2005 to volunteer at Bwaila (then Bottom) Hospital in Lilongwe. The absence of post-partum home-based care in Malawi to counteract high maternal and infant mortality rates deeply distressed her and prompted her to found Joyful Motherhood together with Beatrice Namaleu, a Malawian nurse-midwife.

Joyful Motherhood is one of the very few organizations to offer high-quality home-based nursing care in Malawi, for Lilongwe District our approach is unique.

Joyful Motherhood envisions Malawi as a country where women are free to experience and appreciate the birth process and motherhood as one of the great joys of human existence. We strongly believe that targeted personalized care of vulnerable post-partum women and infants is essential to reach that vision.