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  • Material Donations Needed
    Would you like to send a thermos to store clean water, to a family caring for an orphan in Malawi? The post Material Donations Needed appeared first on African Mothers Health Initiative.
  • Survivors of Traumatic Births
    Too many woman die in pregnancy and childbirth in Africa. Many others survive traumatic births, but should we simply count their survival as success? The post Survivors of Traumatic Births appeared first on African Mothers Health Initiative.
  • Innocent
    Angela was a healthy 23-year-old, pregnant with her second baby. The midwife notes and lab results in her prenatal booklet foretold an uneventful labor and delivery. When her contractions started, Angela arrived at the health clinic with the trepidation that is universal among laboring women, but she reassured herself. This was not her first. This […]
  • In Elizabeth’s Words
    Elizabeth is one of the nurses who works for Joyful Motherhood. I asked her to tell us about her work and this is what she said….. I enjoy my job because of the care we provide. After enrolling babies we follow up with them in their homes. One interesting thing I have noticed is that […]
  • Joyful Motherhood & Covid
    With limited testing capability, 33 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Malawi and three deaths have been attributed to the virus. An injunction to stay the original lockdown order by the President has been extended to April 29th. Fear of hunger and related civil unrest continue to eclipse fears of Covid. And, the goal […]
  • Corona Virus in Malawi
    On March 23rd there were no confirmed Covid-19 cases in Malawi but President Peter Mutharika, declared a national disaster and closed all schools and universities. As of yesterday there were 16 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Malawi and two deaths. In response, the President issued a three week lockdown order, scheduled to begin Saturday, April […]
  • Happy International Women’s Day
    The opportunities available today for young women in the US and Europe vastly outnumber those available to their grandmothers and perhaps even to their mothers. While racing towards the future we are acutely aware of persistent inequalities and many of us actively work to address them. Today is a day to celebrate the fruits our […]
  • Mercy
    Six year old Mercy came by our office last week just to say hello. Mercy’s mother died moments after her birth and Joyful Motherhood nurses visited her and her grandmother for the first two years of her life. Nurses provided formula, porridge, health education, and lots of encouragement. We are thrilled to see Mercy beautiful […]
  • Miracle
    Miracle was born prematurely. Her mother suffered eclamptic seizures, and though she survived, she had a long slow recover and remained permanently impaired. Miracle was enrolled in March 2018 (see the full story and earlier picture) and with support from our nurses and the loving care of her family, she has thrived. The post Miracle […]
  • Triplets
    Joyful Motherhood’s nurses have been following this beautiful mother and her triplets since their birth. She has three other children and thanks to the support of JM her babies are thriving. The post Triplets appeared first on African Mothers Health Initiative.