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Our Funders

Joyful Motherhood is incredibly grateful to our generous funders who value our work and support us as we strive to continually improve the care we offer to our beneficiaries!

Also founded in 2008, African Mothers Health Initiative (AMHI) is the sister organisation to Joyful Motherhood/ Chimwemwe mu’bereki Association.  AMHI is a Texas/USA based non-profit organization whose mission is to work towards improved maternal and child health in Malawi by raising funds and providing operative support for Joyful Motherhood, which carries out the work in Malawi.  Visit AMHI’s website.



Joyful Motherhood is a beneficiary of the Segal Family Foundation. The Segal Family Foundation provides support for general operations as well as for capacity and development support for our team.




The Legacy Collective recently awarded a grant which will allow us to offer a small monthly stipend ($5) to all enrolled households.  The families we serve live in significant poverty and this will allow them to purchase a few basic items, such as soap or shoes.  The grant will also enable us to expand our income generating program to include all enrolled households.



The majority of our funding comes from individual donors.  If you would like to support our work, please feel free to visit our office at Bwaila or donate online HERE.