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Our Team

Founder and Director, Joanne Jorissen Chiwaula obtained an B.A. from Brown University in International Development and then studied at the University of California at San Francisco to become a Certified-Nurse Midwife and Women’s Nurse Practitioner.

Programme Manager, Glory Mwafulirwa-Kabaghe is responsible for the oversight of daily operations, ensuring efficiency and financial sustainability of the organization. Glory holds a Master of Science in Community Health Nursing and has worked for reputable institutions across Malawi. She is passionate about enhancing lives of vulnerable groups in communities including women and children who are the beneficiaries of Joyful Motherhood.


Nitta Chakanika, Nurse.  Nitta joined Joyful Motherhood in 2010 and has over two decades experience working with women and children in Malawi.  Nitta is our wonderful lead nurse and is a strong advocate for our clients.



Elizabeth Nampinga, Nurse. Elizabeth joined Joyful Motherhood in 2012 and has almost three decades experience working with women and children in Malawi.  Elizabeth is an excellent nurse with a tender heart, she works well with our families and communities.



Verina Gwedela, Nurse. Verina joined Joyful Motherhood in 2013 and has four decades of experience working with women and children in Malawi.  Verina occasionally mentions retirement, but we can tell from the way that both she and her clients light up when she arrives in their homes that she is not done yet.  We all benefit from her wisdom and experience.

Trust Kachala, Secretary.  When you visit our humble office, you will likely receive a warm welcome by Trust.  Trust works with Glory to manage communications and when a baby arrives and the clinical staff is in the field Trust ensures they are enrolled and receive just what they need.


Ritchie Zuze, Driver. Ritchie is our skilled driver, able to navigate treacherous roads even during the rainy season in order to get nurses to the women and babies who wait for them.



Gerald Maganga, we honor your service and you are with us in memory always.